April 2017 – Lake Tyler

The Scoop:

1 win, 2 wins, 3 wins.......Yep, 3 Wins all in one day for Mr. Paul "Spinnerbait" Gibbons.

Paul put the hammer down this month on Lake Tyler and it paid off:

1st Place Stringer 16.46 lbs.

1st Place Big Bass 7.09 lbs.

Side-Pot Winner with the 7.09er'

Pauls' gonna win some change at next month's meeting - drinks on him! Congratulations Paul Gibbons.

We also had a very solid turn out once again and we are paying 5 places this month:

Second Place - 14.90 to Mr. Jackie Gordon. It didn't Jackie very long after returning to get back in the money. Nice job Jackie!

Third Place - 12.08 to Robbie "Tux-Man" Stone. Good job Robbie!

Fourth Place - 11.49 to Lance Eitel Jr. Another solid finish for Jr. in April. Nice Job Jr.!

Fifth Place - 11.28 to Bill Gift. Another top-5 to our new leader in the AOY race - Bill Gift. Nice Job!

2nd Big Bass went to Mr. Authur Robertson with a 6.68 chunk.........NICE!

We move on the Lake Winnsboro in May. Congratz to all - see you on the water!