August 2014 – Lake of the Pines

The scoop!

Jeff Fisher wins again...... wait, wait, wait; Nope!

Tyler Fisher pounds Pines for the ETBA August win!!!!!!! With this win Tyler takes over in the AOY race.

Rounding out the leader board on Pines were Mr. Bill Pridgeon with a solid 12.31 for a very close second place and Mike Mays with a solid 12.16 lbs to take 3rd place in the derby.

Big Bass honors went to Jackie Gordon with a 5.58 pounder and then second BB went to New Member Chase Breckenridge with a 4.27 lb green perch.

The YTD AOY board changed and tightened up. Which father/son will take home the title....Tyler, Jeff, Clint, or Jackie. Four more to go and it's going to be close!!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!