Bill Gift Blows Everyone Away on Caddo

Bill Gift wins the June tournament on Lake Caddo with 19.08 lbs.  Thomas Anderson was almost 5.5 lbs behind him with 13.66 lbs for 2nd place.  Following them in a pretty close race was Josh Dickens in 3rd place with 10.37, Shane (MONSTER BASS) Brown in 4th with 10.28 lbs, Thryron Curry in 5th wiht 10.26 lbs and Tim Haugh in 6th with 9.91 lbs.

Big fish for the tournament was a monster caught by Shane Brown that weight 9.12 lbs.  Shane also takes home a huge side pot after it not being broken for 11 months!  Day one 2nd big fish was Bill Gift with 6.70 lbs.  Since this was a 2 day tournament we also had Thryon Curry get big fish on day 2 with 5.62 lbs and Thomas Anderson close behind him with a 5.54 lbs.

With the slot it was a tough lake to weigh a good stringer on, but most people caught fish.

If anyone got a pic of Shane Brown or Thyron's fish, please let us know.

Also, everyone remember that after you fish 6 tournaments your lowest weight is dropped.  So as of this month, many of us are seeing our lowest weight dropped, but if someone has not yet fished 6 tournaments this drop will not show up for them yet.  This is where there may be apparent discrepancies in weights.

06 2019 ETBA Tournament Results - Caddo Lake
190608 - Bill Gift 6,7lbs - Caddo
190609 - Thomas Anderson 5,54lbs - Caddo