March 2014 – Lake Hawkins

The Scoop:

Mr. John "No, what did you weigh" Brothers wraps up his limit by noon, parks his boat, takes a nap, goes for a jog and sits and waits for weighin........and WINS!! (He actually had boat trouble).

John locked up first place with a 16.08lb bag. Second went to Tim Haugh with 13.54.......A-Rig???, Third went to New Member Issac Ridgle with a nice 12.25lb sack. Fouth place was brought in by Mr. Kyle Gregory at 11.54, Fifth went to Bill Pridgeon with 11.01 and rounding at the paid places for 6th place went to "Coach" Tommy Crammer at 9.66 pounds.

Big Bass went to John Brothers with a 5.49 and Second BB went to Timmy Haugh with a 4.40.

Lake Hawkins was a little tougher than in years past but some fish were found. We had 6 new members join this month. We had 31 anglers join us at Lake Hawkins.