Thomas Anderson Take Pines

For the most part it, minus the thunderstorm and car problems, it was a good weekend.  Of the 31 anglers fishing, 27 caught keepers, and 13 of those brought in over 10lbs each.

Saturday started out good, but bad weather had been expected all night and for most of the morning.  It finally hit midway through the morning but luckily didn't last too long.  Sunday was a much better day for weather, we had overcast skies most of the day and fairly light winds.  Water was anywhere from about 58-62 degrees with the air being in the mid 60's.

1st Place went Thomas Anderson with 17.65 lbs.  He got a late start, not even getting his boat in the water until nearly 11:30 due to a dead battery on his truck.  He continued with the whole "wait until the last minute thing" by not boating a keeper until 3:30.

2nd Place goes to Josh Dickens with 17.08 lbs and his second consecutive place in the money and his second tournament with ETBA.

3rd Place was Andrew Whistler with 16.83 lbs, it was also his second consecutive place in the money and second tournament with ETBA.

4th Place was Bill Gift with 15.71.

5th Place went to Tim Haugh with 15.08 lbs.

6th Place completed out the money spots with Randy Parks bringing in 14.21 lbs.

Big Bass was caught by Josh Dickens with a healthy 6.24 lbs and 2nd Big Bass goes to Billy Hughes with his 6.10 catch.

Big Bass Side Pot is up to more than $1400.  We were all sure it would be busted at Pines, but it looks like everyone is going to be going big on Palestine!

Also remember our ETBA Open Tournament is coming up on Memorial Weekend.  Try to round up all the stuff we can for the raffle and door prizes.

190311 - Thomas Anderson 17.65 lbs - 1st Place
190311 - Josh Diskens 17.08 lbs 2nd Place
190311 - Andrew Whistler 16.83 lbs 3rd Place

190311 - Bill Gift 15.71 lbs - 4th Place
190311 - Tim Haugh 15.08 lbs 5th Place
190311 - Randy Parks 14.21 lbs 6th Place
190311 - Tony Goodman 14.14 lbs 7th Place