June 2020 – Lake Hawkins

Zack Fogle slammed the door on everyone with 18.95 lbs for 1st Place and anchored it with the Tournament Big Bass weighing 6.08 lbs.  Bill Gift is back in 2nd place (AGAIN!) with 14.55 lbs.  Third place went to Andrew Dolan with 13.61 lbs.  Fourth place was Paul Gibbons with 12.65 lbs and he was followed closely by Zach Sheehy and Chris Murray who tied for 5th with 12.27 lbs.

The Club Championship, which has replaced our Best of the Rest Tournament, was held concurrently with the regular tournament.  Winner was Bill Gift.  Second Place was Paul Gibbons.  Thrid went to Zach Sheehy and rounding out the big money was Josh Dickens.

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2006 - June 2020 ETBA Club Championship Standings