March 5, 2019 – Club Meeting

Minutes from Meeting

Treasurer's Report presented by Tim Haugh and approved by the club.

Old Business

Tim Haugh had researched getting more jackets made for people to buy.  The consensus was that at a price of over $100 there was not much interest.


New Business

TBF State Qualifier Tournament at Stillhouse Lake March 30 and 31

  • Money for attendees - Bill Gift proposed $300 for boaters and $200 for co-anglers plus the entry fee
  • Approved by vote of 9 for 0 against

March Tournament - Lake of the Pines

  • March 9 or 10
  • Launch at Cedar Springs Boat Ramp
  • Saturday Weigh-In Official - Carey Brown
  • Sunday Weigh-In Official - Bill Gift
  • Launch at Safe Light

April Tournament  - Lake Palestine

  • April 6 or 7
  • It was discussed that there may be other tournaments launching from same ramp, but club voted to launch at the Villages.  Other tournaments were not confirmable nor did they appear to be large tournaments.

June Tournament  - Caddo Lake (2 day)

  • June 8 and 9
  • Club voted to launch from Johnson Ramp
  • Texas Fishing License is valid anywhere on Caddo Lake
  • There is a question re: how far up river you can fish, Randy Parks and several other are looking into whether or not this is an issue.
  • If you are interested in lodging there are RV Hookups possibly available at Shadyglade.  It was suggested that we look into Spadderdock for rooms.  They are supposed to be minimal but clean, safe and affordable.

Reminder for Next Meeting

We really need to get busy with stuff for Open Tournament

  • Possible online registration
  • Raffle prizes
  • T-shirts or Jerseys for purchase?