February 2020 – Lake Bob Sandlin

February 8th and 9th both started out cold, but nothing like the week before.  Weather the previous weekend was sunny and in the 70's, but by midweek temps had plummeted to below freezing.  This caused the water to drop from the high 50's down to some people reporting high 40's at launch.  By the end of the day on Saturday it had warmed up to the mid 60's with a light breeze, Sunday was even warmer but much windier.

Scott Gordon brought in 16.99 lbs for first place.  Bill Gift continued his 2nd place streak (3 months in a row) with 16.78 lbs.  Tim Haugh took 3rd with 15.78 lbs and a "big momma bass" that weighed in at 8.51 lbs.  Josh Dickens finished in 4th with 12.89, over half of that weight was his 6.61 lbs fish that got him 2nd Big Bass.  Finishing out the top 5 was Jackie Gordon with 12.70 lbs.

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2002 -Scott Gordon
2002 - Bill Gift
2002 - Tim Haugh
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