August 2015 – Lake Palestine

The Scoop:

Lake Palestine in AUGUST..... Yep, it was HOT!

For the first time that I know of, we shortened the tournament from 9 hours down to 7 hours to help beat the heat, try to get a few folks to show up, and hopefully save some fish!

We did great with the fish care.  We only had 2 fish die....Thanks for doing your part to protect the fish!

Picking up his first ETBA win was High-Schooler Will Hughes.  Will weighed in 3 fish for 10.49 final weight.  His stringer was anchored by the tournament Big Bass of 5.14.  Congratulation Will.

Taking Second place was angler Mike Mays at 9.38lbs.

The AOY race remained unchanged with Jeff Fisher retaining the lead.  The Top-6 remained the same with the exception of Randy Parks moving into the 6th place after this derby....

1.  Jeff Fisher

2.  Tyler Fisher

3.  Paul Gibbons

4.  Landon Beckham

5.  Tim Haugh

6.  Randy Parks

Up Next - Lake Tyler in September.  Lake O' Pines in October, then on to a great 2-day on Sam Rayburn in November!

We will see you at the next meeting September 1st, 2015.