April 2023 – Lake Winnsboro

ETBA April Tournament Results Snip

The above graph shows the winner for the Monthly tournament.  Congratulations Tyler Smith.  This is the official 2023 Results regarding AOY and season points.

Tournament Details

Lake Level:

Full - Data unpublished

Water Temperature:

Roughy 70-72 degrees

Weather Conditions: 

SATURDAY: 66-86 Degree air temperatures; S to SSE (to W late day) Winds 5-12 MPH

SUNDAY: 46-69.8 Degree air temperatures; N to NW Winds 0-10 MPH



This graph shows the club championship standings based on 2022 entries.  Congratulations Zack Fogle for your win.  Lane Haeger right behind in second place.  James Parker and Jason Langford will wrap up the top 4 finishers.